Monday, August 31, 2009

Hardanger Lessons

Thanks to Dawn at Golden Angel Works I'm learning Hardanger, It's a little labor intensive (for those like me who hate to constantly count!) but the results are well worth the effort! I will be sweating a little when I have to cut the fabric however! Thank you Dawn for helping me learn Hardanger!! :)

New little Finishes

Finished stitching a couple of Christmas Ornies! I was flat on my back for almost a week, and boy I really felt guilty not getting my daily stitching in! Luckily my back is on the mend for the most part, and I'm able to get back on schedule!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Finally Posting my TUSAL for Aug!

This is my first month in the TUSAL, fairly good progress I'd say! These bizee fingers have been stitching as much as possible, that is when Im not working or sleeping!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Blog Candy Time...follow the link

To a great giveaway!... Please visit and help Mel celebrate her 8th year/1000th post!!

Loose Thread Stitchers

Loose Thread Stitchers A great give-away at Loose thread stitchers, If you aren't already a member, treat yourself to a visit to this page!!!

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Some Moldy Oldies

~I took these out of mothballs about a month ago, still havent done anything with them, think I might frame the Apples for my sister in law, she has an apple theme in her kitchen, the sampler was one I made when I was having DS #2, and Home Sweet Home, I made the year I got married, the frame literally fell apart in our last move, and it no longer goes with the decor, I will probably put it back in the hope chest and look at it from time to time~

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spooktacular Give-Away

Tangled up in Sticks and Strings is having a spooktacular giveaway!! Stop by the blog and leave a message about your favorite!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My First Biscornu

Ive been reluctant to try one of these little guys, but it went together pretty easily, I think next time, I will sew it together in better lighting, as I made a couple of goofs.....oh well not too bad for a first time out I guess. Its a freebie design by Juggy Bug Designs, called "Be Aware", its going in the donation box for our Relay for Life in Palm Bay...still waiting to hear the final decision on the Theme, I hope hope hope they chose Crafting for a Cure!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Beautiful Freebie Charts!

Ok, I really have to stitck to stitching and stop googling! I found this website Ink Circles, not sure if any of you have visited, but what wonderful charts are to be had! There is a neat Mystery SAL too. Perfect site if you like Celtic designs (which I do!). I love this Ribbon Mandala, its going on the to do soon pile!

Blogiversary Giveaway

Stitchin Times Five is celebrating her anniversary with a great giveaway!! Check out her blog for some wonderful pix of her completed L*K Boo Flip it!! Not to mention a fab giveaway!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Shepherd's Bush Finish

Decided to do half the chart first in all blackwork, its adorable, it will be finished as a small ornie..

It's Daffycat: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pattern

It's Daffycat: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pattern

I just love this idea!! I love too the tea dyed fabric Daffycat aka Sharon used, she is quite talented. Please visit her'll be glad you did!

Autumn Treasures

Loved this little freebie from Rainbow Gallery I must have printed off two dozen charts, I have to stay off the computer for a while, I'm getting a touch of stitchers ADD!!

Yay some new small finishes for Stitching for a Cure

These two were made to send to Stitching for a cure, love Donna's blog and all the lovely things people have donated!. On Donna's blog,you will find links to several charts generously provided by designers to help raise awareness for cancer.
These two "Snowflakes for a Cure" by Virginia Knutson, and "Blackwork for Cancer Awareness", by Kristine Herber (Hope) were two of my favorites!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Halloween Score!!

A Sweet surprise came in the mail!! I bought a lot of vintage BHG cross stitch and country crafts magazines, and "various" assorted charts on Ebay, I love these guys!!
Can't wait to start stitching them up!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A new Start..or at least one of a few new ones ;)

I just kitted up Shepherd's Bush "On the Haunt". I just love all their designs, I need to acquire the buttons that go with this pattern, but first things first!! I'm making actually two versions, one in all blackwork and one per the chart, will post progress later....
Happy Stitching!!

Mother's Love Needleroll

Saw this darling needleroll on Cross Stitch Happy's blog, and knew I had to make it! (Even though I made a few oops, I like the way it turned out!) :)
One I wanted to try a needleroll and two, wanted to make something to honor my mom, she has been gone for five years and I miss her very much, She taught me how to sew and stitch...she'd be in her glory to see all projects I've completed, and she'd love to look at the pictures on other stitcher's blogs

A couple of Finishes.....Floss Tag

This little Tea for 2 has been shuffled from one bag to another for so long Im not sure where I obtained it from, finally I thought, would make a cute floss voila...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Biscornu Patterns

Stumbled on this great website La Fée Rie, Ive been wanting to try making a Biscornu, and Faby Reilly has some wonderful freebie designs, as well as charts for purchase, I just ordered the Sweet Pea, as they are my fave flower and its also what my hubby calls me :) Enjoy your visit there!!

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