Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stitching for a Cure

Im so glad fellow blogger and pal Donna took a picture of this block, I was honored to be asked to participate in a quilt project for Donna's local Relay for Life. I stitched the medallion for one of the quilts up for bid, it is a wonderful poem, and a beautifully charted by Gloria and Pat.
I am so thankful for stumbling across Donna's blog a few months ago, she has an infectious spirit and unending enthusiasm. She was gracious in sending me a gorgeous pink ribbon pillow with Lizzie Kate's "Peace Love and a Cure" for our Relay for Life Group to raffle off!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Cricut Cutter

Well, forgot to add this to my wish list of things to get accomplished this year...I bought myself a present this year...a cricut cutter, and its made its debut out of the box this afternoon. After much wheedling, I enlisted my sons help to take it out of its cocoon, and put it together....so far so good...I cut a few flowers and a few shapes...I can see what all the fuss is about, its FUN!!

Im looking forward to pretty cards at the ready for friends and family, and some pretty embellishments for the scrapbook I started once upon a time. I could never find the perfect this or that, that was my reasoning for procrastination...now I guess I'm out of excuses and will give it another go...

I just love January....my head is full of get up and go, and there is so much energy in everyone, promises for future and hope!!

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Just a gentle reminder that this is Cervical Cancer Awareness month, I hope you all encourange loved ones and friends to make an appointment for their annual check up, and you yourselves make your appointments for your annual check up, I make it a point to do all my appointments around my birthday in July so as not to forget.If this is your philosophy too, take a minute right now to mark on the calender a month before to jog your memory!!
I guess we can all agree those stirrup moments are not our finest and we'd like to avoid it like the plague, however those few uncomfortable moments could save your life!
Click on the photo to take you to the National Cervical cancer coalition website for further information.

New Year Wish List

Happy New Year everyone!!

I have a long wish list for 2010!! I am recovering from back surgery and its driving me crazy to finally have some down time and not be able to get to the sewing machine or some of my craft projects!!
However there is a bright side, I am pretty much recliner bound at least for now, so after my daily work is done, Ive been stitching some small projects to be finished later on.

April 17, 2010 is our local Relay for Life, and our campsite theme is Breast Cancer, so much of what I plan to stitch up is in a pick theme. We plan to have some pretty purse accessories, travel backpacks, ornaments, lap quilts, and some decorative pillows, and some handmade cards....soooo there is much to get moving on!! Special thanks to my friend Donna at Stitching for a Cure, for donating a gorgeous pink ribbon pillow with Lizzie Kate's "Peace, love and a cure". It will certainly command a nice sum for Relay!!

But...onto the wish list!

1. consistantly work on my family tree sampler
2. make at least a dozen christmas ornaments.
3. monogram a blanket for my grand neice arriving in Feb
4. actually complete the 12 charts Ive picked out to finish this year.
5. utilize all the pretty cardstock and paper Ive collected into cards for family, friends, and Relay dontations!

Ok...now its in writing, so I have to work on them!!
Hope you all have a wonderful year ahead and enjoy every minute of working on your wish list!

Keep those fingers Bizee!!

~Yada Yada Yada~

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