Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yay for new Stash!

FINALLY...made it to my LNS! After a wonderful Relay for Life picnic outing today, I dragged my son with me to this wonderful little LNS Knit and Stitch in Cocoa FL, I didnt get too crazy, there was a class going on and I didnt want to be in the way, so I made my way throught the hundreds of charts and acres of wonderful fibers and flosses...even found a sweet little spider button to finish off a Lizzie Kate halloween ornie!

Daniel Flores' Art

This darling drawing is the handiwork of my dear friend Kathy's son Daniel. It represents what Daniel believes Florida looks like( he lives in VA), he was sweet enough to share his talent with me. I decided to try and duplicate it in cross stitch, and sent the finished product to him, which he really liked :)
It was my first try using Graph-X transparencies, it was fairly easy being the artwork had simple lines.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

~Falling into fall crafts~

Since there is a hint of fall in the air in all parts of the country...well that is except here in sunny Florida, fall for us is it being less than 90 degrees! I decided to finished up and photograph some fall themed crafts Ive been working on here and there.

I really liked making the folded fabric pumpkin and ornament, I see the pumpkin fabric choice is really blah, I plan to check out some new stash at my LQS this week, I just know there is some gorgeous fall fabric waiting for me there!!

Yesterday was sew sew Saturday at my house, so I finished up the little felt magnet ghost and black cat. I plan to make a couple more with more embellishments, but these two are going to my nephew, so I want to be careful he couldnt pull off anything dangerous.

I really liked this scarecrow, I've had the pieces made for awhile and finally put them together.

And last but not least, I now have these little pumpins hanging on the fridge, I had these odd wood pieces in my paint box and thought they would look cute hanging together

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My first SAL progress

  This is the first round of my first SAL! It is being shared by Manuela, a new friend from the bbinteractive group. Love the colors, and love talking to her, she lives in Italy, so I hope to practice my Italian on her!
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~Yada Yada Yada~

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Vinnie..My adorable Chocolate Lab
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