Monday, January 4, 2010

Cricut Cutter

Well, forgot to add this to my wish list of things to get accomplished this year...I bought myself a present this year...a cricut cutter, and its made its debut out of the box this afternoon. After much wheedling, I enlisted my sons help to take it out of its cocoon, and put it far so good...I cut a few flowers and a few shapes...I can see what all the fuss is about, its FUN!!

Im looking forward to pretty cards at the ready for friends and family, and some pretty embellishments for the scrapbook I started once upon a time. I could never find the perfect this or that, that was my reasoning for I guess I'm out of excuses and will give it another go...

I just love head is full of get up and go, and there is so much energy in everyone, promises for future and hope!!


Karen said...

I love papercrafting and making cards too so I hope you will share some of your creations!

Yoyo said...

I've seen that on TV and wondered if it was worth it -- so please don't forget to 'show and tell' us on what you do with it.

~Yada Yada Yada~

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