Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Stitcholutions....

Well...I dusted the cobwebs off the old blog, and am ready to get this stitching year started...last night I finished stitching "Scatter Hearts" from Shepherd's Bush...(I have a very blank shelf above my desk at work that just begs to be decorated, so I decided to start with Valentines Day....Pictures to follow of the finish... At any rate on to the stitcholutions... Cross Stitch: Ive wanted to do a SAL for Christmas Ornaments, so I joined one...hoping to churn out at least 12 ornies this year. Quilting: I belong to an awesome circle, The Real Housewives of Heild Rd. My goals are to make each monthly get together, use at least one to two fabrics from my stash each month, and learn at least one new quilty thing each month.. Penny Rugs: I've fallen hard for these beauties..and have amassed a decent collection of wool and patterns already, goal number 3 is to use said collection to create some neat candle mats, ornies etc for Christmas 2013... Goal 4...actually post pix of the finished products! Whew...this is shaping up to be quite an undertaking!

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